A model wearing Annamaria Cammilli's jewels next to the brand's logo.


Annamaria Cammilli is a brand partner of Biscioni Gioielli

The stories of Annamaria Cammilli and Biscioni Gioielli in the jewelry world made entire generations dream. What better place than the heart of Ponte Vecchio to tell the tale of two brands working together, united by the same values and a long-lasting mutual admiration?

There are many boutiques where you can find Annamaria Cammilli, but the experience of the Biscioni Gioielli workshop in Florence will make you live in a fable.


From art to jewelry

Annamaria Cammilli is a sculptor and painter. For her creations, she's always been inspired by nature's shapes and colors. Something about her creations' tridimensional and fluid forms makes them iconic and immediately recognizable.


The search for innovation

The two partners have always followed tradition while innovating. Taking inspiration from the fashion world has allowed Cammilli and Biscioni to design jewels suitable for every woman's style, enhancing their uniqueness.

The Biscioni Gioielli experience

You will find Annamaria Cammilli's collections inside our shop, and we are ready to tell you the story of two companies that have made goldsmith art their living reason. You can experience something as valuable as our fine jewelry selection: browse a one-of-a-kind collection on Ponte Vecchio, gently guided by Biscioni Gioielli staff in a rare moment of connection. Each jewel has something to say, waiting for your unique beauty to be fully expressed.

The Color Experience

Immerse yourself in the sensory brilliance and luminosity of the Color Experience. Eight inimitable shades of gold, each different from the other, have been designed to allow everyone to find the right ring based on their complexion and the kind of occasion.


The lost wax casting and the Aetherna finish

The Aetherna finish and the manufacturing techniques make the jewel more resistant and easy to care for and clean, bringing it back to its natural beauty with a few simple swipes.


The Jewelry presentation

The jewel packaging is not only the perfect symbol of the shared origins of Biscioni and Cammilli but also intense attention to every detail.

The other collections in the shop

In our shop, you will find iconic and modern collections so that you can follow the trends and fashions or your innate style. Dune takes its name and dynamism from the endless waves of the desert dunes. Calla represents the brand's iconic symbol, whose movement is transmitted by the Aetherna finish. 
Sultana, Regina, Goccia, and Velaa Pavè are characterized by a fascinating study of depth, volumes, and unique color tones that play on the contrast between lights and shadows. Every person can recognize the preciousness of a jewel that can be combined with several different looks or worn just for special occasions.